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Personal Poetry Time (An Introspect Into My Own Lyrics)

The lyrics here are obviously open to interpretation, but I know what they mean, and it’s not hard to figure out.

“The Rat, The Trap, The Cheese”  By Jake

These hard days in your face
You’re all space and no chase
All talk, no walk, all fake
You just see what you want
Never yearning for more
Never searching for more
Always knowing the score

Hive-mind man
Grind my face in the sand
(The worst of sinners, the best of the land)
Tribe-mind man
You sing while you stand
(The words fall through, heart under hand)

Challenge yourself to a game of hide and seek
We will just have to wait and see where you find yourself
And I can guarantee you won’t find what you call “me”
Just an empty shell, living day to day
Your own slice of hell, working for slave pay
This is your choice, your neutral karma
Nothing happens in your mind, but everyone dies and so will I…

Season after season
They hold your attention
Weekend after weekend
They grind your life in the sand
It will be one
With the desert

“The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Copy And Paste” by Jake

They’re coming for our defense
Not to support it
But to take it from us
Then they’re gonna nail us down
Confiscate our crowns
Herd us into pens where we belong
Cattle ripe for the slaughter
Hide your mother, hide your daughter
They are the most easily swayed
Face the foes of our fathers
Games are our sure death
Lets take out last fighting breath

Our destructor is visible to me now…
A wrecking ball of ignorant eyes fueled by worthless lies

When I close my eyes
I see a world beyond time and space
The children all stand fully aware
Brains so clean you can see yourself in the reflection
That’s when I look around and everyone’s the same
Everyone is so plain
What a daymare it turns out to be
When I look in the mirror, and everyone’s me

They’re coming for our children
Not only to take them
But to turn them on us
Teach them to nail us down
Confiscate family crowns
Why can’t we see where this is heading?
Teach them to enjoy slaughter
Kill their mothers, fuck their daughters
Young minds easily swayed
Become the foes of their fathers
Who’s games are their sure death
Smothered in their last dying breath

Burn it all down
Before it’s too late
I feel it’s too late….

“Cheating Machine” By Jake

Those fami-
ly ties
Shield eyes
With lies
Those Fami-
ly ties
Our cries
ty ties

Pale Inside
Feelin’ Prime
Failed Inside
Feelin’ Pride

I’m telling them, what you never told, you’re covered in flies
I’m warning them, what forces became, when your clan arise
This is the way, you honor the dead, that you sacrificed
Justice is served, when your head is gone, we won’t compromise

Don’t compromise,
It’s freedom

These are some of the songs performed by myself in a short lived band called Eat Hard Waves.  These songs were written from 2010-2011.  Here is a video of us performing “Cheating Machine” feel free to sing along:

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