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How The Internet Spreads Ideas (And Why The System Wants To Stop the Anarchy of the Web)

The internet is the best example of an Anarchic state that exists, it is almost totally free and almost everyone in the world has access to it in one form or another.  On most internet sites(blogs, vlogs, news, etc), there has been an effort to incorporate message board style comment sections at the bottom of every page.    It is a way for people to express their opinion freely, without censorship, and without threat of physical retaliation, in relative anonymity.  Youtube is a good example of this because every video that is posted has a comment section.  It is what makes the internet great, IMO.   It is also a way for novel ideas and important messages to be spread without the filter of the mainstream corporate owned press.  The corporate owned press usually tries to capitalize on new ideas and messages OR they try and destroy and skew the message.

Take the Ron Paul campaign for instance.  The media repeatedly uses the term “isolationist” when describing Ron Paul.  Now, Ron Paul has repeatedly corrected the misnomer of isolationism with his actual stance of “non-interventionist” which is actually way different.  But since the media is owned by military interests, they cannot have his actual message be told so they continue to mislabel Dr. Paul as someone who wants to force the country into a walled in isolated country.  They do this so that the brainwashed public that trusts the corporate media unflinchingly, and do no actual research themselves, will think that Ron Paul is a horrible despicable man.   This leaves it up to the internet to spread his ideas.
One of the best ways ideas are spread via the internet is the idea of “top comments”.  If enough people have the same mindset they bump up  comments they all agree with, say a comment on Ron Paul’s foreign policy of trade among all nations, enemies with none.  That comment with enough votes, which requires a certain amount of people with the same mindset, can be positioned right underneath the video on Youtube.  One thing I know that I always do at the very least  is read the top comments.

Now if I was someone who didn’t know anything about Ron Paul I could look at that top comment that says something like “Ron Paul isn’t an isolationist, he wants to trade with all nations and not be a military state but a prosperous trading country that attempts to lift all countries to prosper”, I would think what is this all about.  It would force me to question what I knew from the corporate whore media.  The result would be, more often than not, someone who is now open to that idea, maybe that person would go so far as to actually becoming a Ron Paul supporter based on that comment alone.  If it were me and my constant curiosity, I would find some good Youtube videos that showed the contrast between the candidates and I would see what Ron Paul was saying in a new light, without the preconceptions that the media has implanted subconsciously.  It is that kind of comment that snaps someone out of their trance even for a second.  This effect can snowball, because that is one more person then that will vote up those comments, and so the likelihood of those types of comments reaching the top comment area becomes one vote greater, and yeah, like I said, it will snowball, the process can repeat.  That is why Ron Paul has such a MASSIVE internet following, is because that kind of awakening is happening on a massive scale.   Also Trolls become less prominent when there are people there to point them out.  Most Troll accounts disable comments and disable ratings so that they cannot be outed as trolls pushing misinformation. (here is a good example of a Troll site http://www.youtube.com/user/DrWrongPaul )  Although Trolling is a relative matter, a Troll to one person could be an anti-Troll to someone else.  There are indeed Ron Paul Trolls, as in people who just leave comments like “RP 2012!!!!” and that’s it.  That I suppose is more or less just spamming a slogan, but to a Romney-ite, that is seen as a major Trolling offense.

Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich impersonation

One thing I can for sure say about Gingrich, Romney or Santorum supporters, they either don’t use the internet, or don’t use the internet for anything but mindless BS and don’t go anywhere near politics forums.  If they do go to internet forums about politics and see Ron Paul supporters, a good chunk of them will immediately brush off any comments that make even a tiny bit of sense to them because they don’t support “their” candidate, they may even see them as Trolls.  Some, however, will be able to be swayed just by people bringing up the facts about their candidate and whittling down reasons they should support them leading to them eventually coming to Ron Paul and what those of us who are awake have come to see as common sense positions.
With the new SOPA and PIPA bills now on the back-burner, they are not dead bills, just not going to be voted on for now, they will be a factor in the future I assure you, we have a little time to get the word out and wake people up.   The powers that be are trying to censor and control what is being said on the internet because it is helping bring on a mass awakening.  If the awakening reaches the police and the military it is game over for the world controllers because people will know what is up.
While yes, the internet is probably being used as a mass surveillance of the population and no doubt that is what it’s intended purpose is, but for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and the opposite reaction of mass surveillance is mass awakening and light being shed on those who survey the web.   So to those who are surveying us and picking out the dissent so you can weed us out later.  GOOD FUCKING LUCK!  You will have a hard time and will ultimately be defeated.

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