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DOWN with Chris Hayes

This guy's head is a balloon.

So I just sat and watched “UP w/ Chris Hayes”, on MSNBC’s Saturday morning cartoons, talk about how the government should end the drug war.   Now, prior to this he did a long segment on how Rick Santorum is a horrible extremist because of his religious beliefs.  I am not a Santorum supporter, but I also don’t think he is an extremist.  He is more of a bought out tool for the New World Order, as is Hayes.

Anyway, Hayes and his cronies as well as a former police officer, talked about how horrible the drug war is and how prohibition does not work and has never worked, bringing up alcohol prohibition and the violence related, as well as the current violence involved in the current drug war.   One thing that they failed to mention or bring up at this opportune time was RON PAUL.   Ron Paul is the only candidate for president who opposes the federal “war on drugs” as well as most things the government declares “war” on.  Hayes brought up Santorum who is avidly PRO-drug war as is his champion Barack Hussein Obama.  But never once did he mention Ron Paul, who is running for president and who agreed with everything that Hayes and his “panel” said about the war.   This is a disgrace.  I see myself as a watchdog.  I watch the enemy, the mainstream press.  I get more and more angry every time I turn on the television.  They are doing this on purpose.  This kind of segment should have at least brought up the fact that Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that agrees with their anti-drug war stance.  Yet they bring up everyone, including the president, but not Ron Paul.   This shows they are truly scared of Ron Paul.

This guy Chris Hayes is someone they put on TV for the liberal “intellectuals” to relate to(sorry for the oxymoron), he wears thick rimmed glasses, talks fast and uses big words to impress people.   He is a traitor and should be treated as such.  Anyone who is actively participating in the media blackout of Ron Paul is a traitor to the people and to the Constitution.

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