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Mass Media Manipulation Madness

There are so many people who believe everything they see on TV and take it as fact.  This is disturbing because all through history, mass media has almost always been in cahoots with the elite rulers.

People have said to me, well 9/11 couldn’t have been an inside job because someone would have spoken up and the media would expose it.  But would they?  What if people spoke up, but were silenced?  Here are two videos that might help those who don’t see the manipulation to open their eyes to actual reality.

This first one breaks down how propaganda is used and how the public opinion is swayed by the co-opting of supposed independent media organizations:

This second video names several 9/11 witnesses that have been “silenced” because their testimony doesn’t fit the “official” narrative:

The media bias against Ron Paul, how they are brainwashing the ignorant voting population, a clips montage:

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I have a feeling, a funny feeling, that they gave Ellen Degeneres  a daytime talk show to make lonely housewives question their sexuality.

She looks like a dude, just a really “sexy” dude.  She could be there I suppose to make EVERYONE question their sexuality.  You know, a woman might think “Hey, that Ellen is kind of sexy because she kind of looks like a hot guy, maybe other women are sexy as well.”  A man may think “Hey that Ellen looks kind of like a dude but also I kind of want to do her.”  She defines androgynous.  Even her logo has a phallic taste to it.   Notice the e’s are the testes, the two L’s are the shaft:

Why else would they not capitalize her name in the logo?

I am calling out the obvious brain washing here, that is all.   Honestly I don’t watch her show, I am just noticing the obvious tricks on a surface level.    This is not meant to be an offensive attack on Ellen in any way.  She may not realize what she is a part of… well actually, she probably is well aware of what is happening.

If you look into the plans of the elite, breaking up the family and promoting promiscuity is a good way to divide and conquer society.  It is a good way to distract and sexually confuse anyone, especially someone not awake to the deception and manipulation in the mainstream television media.

A lot of people may get offended by this observation, but seriously, LOOK.  It is just a matter of opening your eyes to the advertising of thoughts and ideas.  That is what they are doing, advertising ideas.  Don’t buy into it, turn off the TV.

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