The Portrayal of Men On Television (Reverse Sexism?)

Why is it that every time you see a commercial on television, the man is a dumb, simple minded buffoon and the woman is the super genius know-it-all?   Is it this way in real life?  I don’t consider myself a buffoon; nor do I consider any women in my life super geniuses.

Lets break down how the psychology in advertising works in simple terms:

When you see a middle aged woman promoting a product, that product is being pushed at middle aged women.  When you see a kid playing with a toy on a commercial, that advertisement is obviously targeted at kids.  You don’t see an elderly woman pushing testosterone pills, you see a middle aged, graying man who shows a tiny hint of a mid-life crisis(usually by driving a nice car or waving at women or whatever).

Also, there are complicated ads like toddler toy ads that show a toddler playing with a toy but it always shows a parent smiling and watching.  This is obviously an ad not directed at toddlers but directed at the parent who will obviously go buy the toy in hopes of achieving that smile that they saw the parent on TV display.   Another example being an ad for a nursing home where they show old people having a good time, but that is usually directed towards the middle aged people as well because it always shows the old people in some cutesy environment playing cards and smiling, so those middle-agers think “Oh wow, mom and dad will be so happy in that place(or ARE happy there).”   When in reality they are probably surrounded by screaming dementia sufferers and a bunch of wandering, muttering drugged up zombies.  They also probably BECOME one of those people with all of the prescriptions that are given to the elderly these days, can’t be good on the brain.  Also some boner pill commercials show an old man walking with a spring in his step and it always ends with his wife giving a big smile or saying something like, “I like it too”  or “This is a good change”.  To me that is a commercial aimed at old women, only because a man doesn’t want to admit he has a boner issue.  Its like the toddler toy commercial, the smile is the desired effect.

Twenty-somethings males however are almost always portrayed as goons: Junk food eating, beer guzzling, sexist, fat idiots.  I suppose those ads are targeting an audience, but this is every single ad.  I watched several channels over the course of a week, it was difficult to find a man portrayed as smart, unless it was a prescription drug commercial.  Is this a symptom of society’s intelligence decline caused by an over emphasis on being “manly” by watching sports and drinking beer?  Or is this a case of monkey see, monkey do?  Men see men acting dumb: getting drunk, and getting hyperactive while watching sports on TV, so they do it because that is the perceived socially acceptable norm.

Television programming usually follows the same path as this.  Programming is just that, programming.  They are programming culture, norms.

Every time I see this on television I cringe and/or die a little bit inside.  Most of the men I come in contact with are sports minded, know nothing of current events, politics, history, the arts, sociology or even just critical thinking.  Is this how it has always been?  I can’t imagine so.  Televised professional sports is a recent phenomenon when viewed in contrast to total history and that is when sports really took off was when it was televised.   So can we credit the decline of American intelligence on televised sports?  I suppose it doesn’t help.

If every man on television was an upstanding successful citizen who read books, studied history, invented new ideas AND was physically fit AND always got the hottest women, logically we can conclude that more men would be like that and that hotter women would be attracted to them.  Instead we see borderline chimps hooting and hollering or making dumb moronic decisions, but they ALWAYS have a sexy, big tittied woman hanging around rolling her eyes at them like “what an idiot”, but still obviously his significant other, who has all the answers.

closet genius

How does this affect women?  It has to affect them in some way.  They have to be watching television and see the only smart men portrayed are doctors and the rest of the men portrayed are complete sex driven, selfish, sports minded morons.   When they go out into the “real world”, not the TV world, do they then assume that men all act like that?  We are either genius doctors or goons.  In essence I think it does in fact end up that way.

Think about all of the sitcoms there are and how men are portrayed.   The show “Home Improvement” with Tim Allen, sure he knew about engines and tools and loved football but he was in essence an idiot and his wife was always the genius who figured out the problems.   King of Queens is another good example, the main guy is always the one with the problem, his wife always solves it.   A sitcom like Drew Carey featured a smart main character but he was not sexy, was a huge nerd, and only got some good looking women because he was the main writer of the show I would assume. His male friends, however, were  portrayed as morons, and the woman friend was always smart and solved problems.

Is this reverse sexism gone wild?

I think it is more of a blatant dumbing-down of men.

Think about what they are doing to the women.  The shows that they are the main characters in(sex in the city, friends, kardashians, girls next door, etc.) they are almost always huge sluts.   The over-sexualisation of women.

keep on truckin

Everyone is getting brain-washed, TURN OFF YOUR TV!!!!!!!!

I could go into how doctors are portrayed as smart on TV so that people trust them and will believe and do whatever they say.  A perfect way to implement soft kill drugs and eugenics operations.  Prozac anyone?  Maybe another time.

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Is Alex Jones A Disinfo Agent?

I have been avidly listening to the Alex Jones Show every single day.  I don’t think I have missed an episode for months.  I listen to the show via Podcast while I work.  I listen to it for two reasons.

1. I am a genuine fan of the show, it is very gripping, very intense sometimes, and usually way funny.

2. I am waiting for Alex Jones to fuck up.  If he is for real and genuine, he will not fuck up.

I have seen a few videos of him show up at protests and just take over and play a part, he acts very childish and bullheaded.  I didn’t know what to think about those videos they were pieced together clips of the event so its hard to say what incited that kind of behavior out of him.   Let me see if I can find them…. ah here’s one:  Alex Jones R or F?  /////here’s the link if that doesn’t work:


He is playing a character.  Seems like the people arguing with him are even planted there’s cameras all around.  It seems like they are putting on a show.  But are they?  If Alex Jones is playing a character, then he is doing a damn good job.  He is very consistent on his character.  Like I said, I have listened to his show every single day since the beginning of June.  He isn’t wavering, he is sticking to the story line which is lining up perfectly with current events.   That point alone makes it hard to question him, but is the story line lining up because he is in on it and knows what they are doing.   The elite tell you their plans before they carry anything out(i.e. Mein Kampf or Project For A New American Century), they map it all out for you, Alex Jones could be just a way for them to give you a heads up, to add to the terror of it all.  Or he could exist to stir up rebellion to give the government a reason to clamp down and destroy the “resistance”, aka the “patriots”, aka “the awake.”  Us.

In the world of controlled opposition, you  have to create the enemy.

He could be there though to control opposition to globalism.  Like people didn’t know about globalism/New World Order type stuff until Alex Jones told them, so what they know about it, they heard from him.  One main messenger, plus a small branch of subsidiaries that just repeat the news.  The subsidiaries are easy to spot and the main players are usually very visible, WeAreChange, End The Fedders, Regular guests on AJ’s show, various smaller youtube channels that regurgitate the news, they release real info but never the whole story, they just raise the questions.  When you control the questions you control the answers.

Who controls the questions
controls the answers
Who controls the subjects
controls the knowledge

Its like George Orwell number 2.

When you think of the term controlled opposition, you think left-right paradigm stuff.  Well this could be just a bigger form of that.   These are troubled times.  Makes me think about the whole Ron Paul thing too, Alex Jones and Ron Paul both push gold, same with Gerald Celente (another subsidiary.)   Why would Alex Jones be pushing Ron Paul so hard?  I covered a possible scenario in an earlier post.

This whole situation reminds me of a song by a punk band called The Copyrights called “Shit’s Fucked”:

Shit sucks but what can you do
Around here, it’s just me and you
Shit’s fucked but what can you do, around here

Not a place where I wanna grow old
Two hearts in a town with no soul
Don’t think I wanna tempt fate
In the blood red part of a blue state
Full of corn-fed apathy and false pride
Flat, flat land with nowhere to hide
I’m just glad you’re on my side
I’m so happy you’re on my side

Shit is fucked indeed.

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Strugglings with Jesus and the 10 Commandments

This is going to offend people, but this is how I flesh out controversial topics that should be discussed openly(in my opinion).

Exodus 20:2-3 says:  I am the LORD your God, which have brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.  You shall have no other gods before me.

This is the first commandment.  Numero uno.  How is worshiping Jesus not a complete and total encroachment of the first commandment?

Okay, okay, okay, I understand that they get around it by saying that Jesus IS God, that God is 3 things combined into one, so its okay.  According to the idea of the Holy Trinity, God is the Father(God), Son(Jesus), and the Holy Spirit(Ghost).   Isn’t that not worshiping only God?  Praying to Jesus, asking him for forgiveness?  Wouldn’t that be praying to Jesus and not God?  This is where in my mind right now I am really having some logic problems.  I suppose a lot of this defies logic all together and I get that as well, that is where the concept of faith comes in.

I think Catholics and the saints that they pray to is also a direct violation of the first commandment, I cannot believe it isn’t blatantly obvious to everyone.

Also the idea of making a cross and making an altar and praying to it, like an effigy of Jesus or Mary or whatever random saint, that is a direct violation of COMMANDMENT TWO!

Here that is:

You shall not make unto you any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:  You shall not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my Commandments.

—- Exodus 20:4-6

So making a statue(a likeness) of a saint(living in heaven above) and praying to it, or even Jesus crucified(or even just a blank cross), and praying to it and bowing to it, is a HUGE abuse of the second commandment.

trick or treat?

Also after reading the second commandment closely, it also seems like there are 2 separate commandments.

The first one being:  You shall not create any image or any likeness of ANYTHING that is in heaven or ON THE EARTH.

Basically saying don’t draw, paint, create or sculpt ANYTHING, EVER!

The second being:  Don’t worship or exalt what you create.

So technically there are eleven commandments mapped out there.  Are they ever even referred to as the “Ten” Commandments anywhere in the Bible or did someone just start calling them that?  Because I would say that added eleventh commandment is kind of a doozy.  Don’t make the likeness of anything, so basically don’t even take a picture of anything, let alone draw one or sculpt one.

Also another problem I have with the idea of Jesus and this could be some kind of a conspiracy or whatever I am just speculating at this point for the sake of deep thought, is that in Hebrew the number 6(letters and numbers are the same)  is the letter W(like www) and is literally the word “nail.”

Now, 666 is everywhere, you can fit it into anything.  In numerology “FOX”(as in Fox News) is 666.  The General Mills logo is a cursive G made out of three 6’s.  I could go on and on, there are a lot of examples, maybe I will devote a whole entry to this soon.  But the most disturbing to me is that the letter “Vav” or 6, literally means “hook, peg, or NAIL.”

Jesus was very specifically hung on the cross with three NAILS.  6-6-6.  Is this a coincidence?

Is the idea of Jesus a way to get people to worship a false idol and damn themselves?  It is a tricky and touchy subject for a lot of people.  It is hard to talk about it with some people because they don’t want to hear it.  I have been reading up on this whole 666 issue a lot because it is important in terms of prophecy and religion.  Since people believe in it, it affects how they react to situations and information.   Here is the text of the revealing of the number:

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. Rev. 13:18

So we have six hundred threescore and six.  666.   Now scholars have been saying well its not just three numbers, its someone’s name put into the numerological lettering and added up.  I have been thinking about this and I specifically recall Revelation being a vision of the future, so it would be something he is seeing.  All he would have to do is just look around at a vision of today and see it on everything, 666 does pop up everywhere if you just look for it.  My mother would say that you can make anything look like anything you want, but sometimes it is blatantly 666.  Sometimes I feel that logo designers and artists look for creative ways to throw it into a logo.

It seems there is a total spectrum dominance of the entire westernized world by a Satanic cult, that is the only way I can describe it.   They show themselves in their call signs hidden in plain view of an unsuspecting public eye, and if you try to point it out people call you a nut.  Maybe I am, who knows.

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On Ron…

I have been obsessively maintaining a solid eye on Ron Paul’s campaign.  I avidly listen to speeches and interviews, and read his writings.  The presidential race right now is a nail-biting, hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing event to witness.  The obvious moronic other candidates all seem to be just empathy-less  robots reciting memorized lines and playing parts.  Now, to be fair, Ron Paul does tend to tell a lot of the same stories,and uses repeated examples and metaphors but, he only repeats them for a short span of interviews and is ideologically consistent.

The fact that he has maintained a consistent stand on every issue involved in politics, always taken the high moral ground, and predicted the downfall of the economy and currency shows that he is a principled individual, someone I can support.  The other candidates have also been consistently ripping off his ideas:  Perry with the “Fed Up” book(as opposed to Paul’s “End The Fed“) and ending 3(?lol) cabinet positions(Paul had proposed closing 5), Gingrich with his audit the Fed line, Cain with the abolishing the income tax(although not right away), and hell, even B. O.(bama) has gotten in on the fun by talking about “pulling the troops home”(all while the war drums are rumbling up the road).  Ron Paul is obviously the leader, the polls released do not count the independents and the “Blue Republicans” who are democrats switching over to vote in the caucuses/primaries, which there are many.

When we look into the election process unfolding through the lens of the New World Order,however, Ron Paul could possibly be controlled opposition.  If the globalists/NWO are the left, the libertarian/anti-NWO are the right in the left/right paradigm.  Yes, this could be some rampant paranoia, but it could be true.

Think about it, a candidate that is thrown in front of us that is literally a perfect politician in the sense that he has been consistent and is a principled philosopher.  Freeman from the Freeman Perspective calls Ron Paul a carrot on a string, someone they wave in front of us who we cannot have.  The controlled press are told to stifle his campaign,  to obviously ignore and talk down about him all while making him more and more popular in process.  The polls released by the press are misleading to the real numbers further maintaining the underdog status.  People in this country especially have been brainwashed into always rooting for the underdog, think Rudy, Forrest Gump, Kurt Warner.    Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura openly support him. They are, in their own words, at the tip of the spear in the fight against the globalist technocrats.  But if there is controlled opposition, these people are all part of the plan.  A divide and conquer strategy.

There are the “sheeple”: people who are seeing things just at a surface level, they are in TV zombie mode and don’t think too hard about what is around them; and there are those who are “awake”: people who can see the manipulation all around them and are resisting it.   They will start a civil war in the U.S. the sheeple vs. the awake.  The “conspiracy theory” types like Jones and Ventura are there to spit out the truth, to tell people what is happening, to expose the enemy.  It is hard for sheeple to grasp what Alex Jones and his crew are on to.  They think everything sounds so fantastical and paranoid that they completely block it from their thought processes, making them easy to sway and to control, because they are already under control. Ron Paul and Alex Jones are excellent ways to weed out dissent as well, people voluntarily identify themselves as dissenters by openly supporting them.  I am not knocking Alex Jones, I listen to his show daily and have been analyzing him for several months, he is also very consistent, sometimes exaggerates, but he has a good method of waking people up, he makes it seem urgent because it is.  The sooner everyone wakes up the sooner it can be stopped, theoretically.

So, they keep Dr. Paul the underdog and make the primaries out to be a big upset when he wins, making it seem like a win for the people.  Once it is Paul vs. Obama it is game over, Paul wins hands down.  A big part of that is because of the upset/underdog factor that Americans seem to herd towards, also because Ron Paul predicted and basically called it all, and at that point a lot more of his predictions will have come true.

Here’s where I have trouble foreseeing what could happen.

Paul could go on to be President and either be assassinated or O’Bomber could pull the martial law flag and prevent Paul from becoming president.  Either one of those will cause a violent uprising to start.  They need a catalyst to start an internal conflict here just like what has been happening all over the world.  At this point there will be rampant inflation, poverty and joblessness will be at an all time high everyone will be broke. Ron Paul will be the new hope because he predicted it all and has all of the answers, a godsend.  Also, think about who his supporters are, freedom loving, gun owning, first amendment spouting, forth amendment calling patriots.  I cannot see the globalists letting him do what he wants to do, there has to be a catch, because there is too much money and power at stake for those people.   Once Paul’s pissed off supporters rise up, martial law is then instated and they will call anyone who violently rose up against the state a terrorist immediately.   That is how the homegrown terrorism starts.  They will not be able to pick out who is a terrorist and who isn’t among the dissenting citizens.  So, like they did to the Japanese in WW2, they will take the Ron Paul supporters, Alex Jones subscribers/fans, libertarians, gun owners, people who are awake and maybe even people in debt to the government and throw them into the FEMA camps.  Welcome to another Holocaust.  Ron Paul may even be in on it.  If you think about it, if he was REAL opposition he wouldn’t have made it to where he is today.  They wouldn’t have even let him on the stage to begin with.

Also there is the predictive programming going on in the media and in video games.  In the video game Rainbow 6: Patriots which is due out in 2013 the enemy is Americans, specifically anti-fascist patriots.  Look up the trailer on Youtube if you don’t believe me.  If you think about how gaming works they always seem to have relevant-to-the-times releases, especially when it comes to military-type games.  So logically that would be the state of the country when such games are released.

Probably the best sign to me that Dr. Paul COULD BE Illuminati controlled opposition is this:

Ron Paul's John Hancock

Now if we look closely and analyze this we can see that “on” and “au” in cursive are opposites, as in “on” in cursive turned upside down is “au”.  Think George Washington’s Baphomet statue, “as above, so below”.  Lets flip and mirror the whole signature:

Hmm… Okay, alright.   So we have a 666.  We also have “On” and “AU.”  666 on AU.   AU is what?  The periodic table says AU is GOLD.  What does Ron Paul lecture and talk about?  The Gold Standard.  What is happening right now in the world, involving gold?  It is becoming scarce, people are hoarding it, and all you hear on the radio and see on TV, well at least you used to, is ads saying: “Send us your gold, we will send you cash.”  Worthless paper money.  Where is all the gold going, who is taking it, and why is it valuable?  Why has it been valuable throughout history?  I can see how it is applicable for electronics and how it is a good conductor, but electricity has only been harnessed for under 200 years, so why was it valuable 2000 years ago?  Because it was pretty?  They made jewelry from it yes, but wasn’t that because it was already valuable?  What came first?  The Old Testament talks about building false idols from gold.  Is gold itself evil?  Ron Paul’s signature could be a clue to his secret ties if he has them.

The Illuminati are also good at not only hiding their call signs in plain view, they are also good at saying several things at once.  Think about “End The Fed.”  One way we can see it is as is Ending the Federal Reserve banking cartel.  Another way “End The Fed” could be interpreted is killing, or “ending”, those who are poor and cannot provide for themselves, the fed.  Now I know that Ron Paul himself didn’t come up with this wording of it, that it was chanted at a rally in Ohio, or so the story goes.

End who?

Alright, these are my observations and speculations.   I am still a Ron Paul supporter because I believe in his message of peace.  Obama was the peace candidate and he did the opposite of what he promised, but Obama was obviously bought out. Ron Paul could be genuine, only being allowed by the powers that be to make it into the limelight.

Ron Paul signing one of his books for me, June 2011.

I can say that I am voting for Ron Paul if he wins the primaries and that I am going to caucus for him January 3rd.  He’s the only hope we have.  You do have to pick a side, I am going to pick the side of truth, if that even is a side.  I want peace and love and all of that.  Maybe we can actually beat the globalists, we do have them outnumbered.    So even though there are subtle signs that this is a controlled opposition campaign, I will still support him until it is blatantly obvious he is not as he seems.

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I have a feeling, a funny feeling, that they gave Ellen Degeneres  a daytime talk show to make lonely housewives question their sexuality.

She looks like a dude, just a really “sexy” dude.  She could be there I suppose to make EVERYONE question their sexuality.  You know, a woman might think “Hey, that Ellen is kind of sexy because she kind of looks like a hot guy, maybe other women are sexy as well.”  A man may think “Hey that Ellen looks kind of like a dude but also I kind of want to do her.”  She defines androgynous.  Even her logo has a phallic taste to it.   Notice the e’s are the testes, the two L’s are the shaft:

Why else would they not capitalize her name in the logo?

I am calling out the obvious brain washing here, that is all.   Honestly I don’t watch her show, I am just noticing the obvious tricks on a surface level.    This is not meant to be an offensive attack on Ellen in any way.  She may not realize what she is a part of… well actually, she probably is well aware of what is happening.

If you look into the plans of the elite, breaking up the family and promoting promiscuity is a good way to divide and conquer society.  It is a good way to distract and sexually confuse anyone, especially someone not awake to the deception and manipulation in the mainstream television media.

A lot of people may get offended by this observation, but seriously, LOOK.  It is just a matter of opening your eyes to the advertising of thoughts and ideas.  That is what they are doing, advertising ideas.  Don’t buy into it, turn off the TV.

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