George Zimmerman is the new Casey Anthony

Its spring.  Time for this years “BIG TRIAL SEASON” to begin.  It seems every year there is corporate media focus on at least one huge overblown trial.  It is always a divisive trial bidding the guilty crowd versus the not-guilty crowd, and the end of the trial is always an upset.  The media always gets behind the guilty verdict, painting the defendant as an evil person with extreme ill will.  Here in America, what the media spouts, soon becomes the mindset of the people.  They painted Casey Anthony as a murdering psychopath, she was found not-guilty and the whole country went ape-shit, only because she had already been tried in the court of “public opinion” which was really just the court of “corporate media brainwashing.”

This year with the whole George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin thing, the media has already gotten well ahead of itself, painting a very disturbing picture for the months of litigation ahead.
First off, in order for the media to get the public “awww” factor, they show a picture of the 17 year old Trayvon from when he looks to be around 12 years of age, maybe younger:

Here is a more recent photo:

That’s right, gold teeth, white tank, turns out this “kid” is 6’3″.  I am just pointing out how the media has twisted this whole situation by showing pictures of a 12 year old instead of showing pictures of a 17 year old where if HE was the one who was doing the shooting he would be tried as an adult.  But they want to pull at all the mothers’ heart strings with a picture of a young boy so as to make the 28 year old George Zimmerman seem like he is a coward and a vicious killer for shooting some cute little 12 year old boy.   HERE is a good article in the UK Daily Mail breaking it all down.

There were also all sorts of shenanigans on the TV networks such as NBC editing the 911 audio tape, making Zimmerman seem like a racist by editing out vital parts of the conversation.  Al Sharpton, who has his own show on MSNBC has taken it upon himself to make this a civil rights issue even though it really has nothing to do with race or the violation of anyone’s rights.  Here is a video of Jesse Jackson sneaking into a prayer that he will not stop his quest for justice until assault weapons are banned:

Jackson is saying that Trayvon is a “martyr.”  Doesn’t a martyr die for a cause?  I am not sure Trayvon had a cause in mind when he was shot.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as well as the “New” Black Panther Party have made this a white vs. black issue.  Saying that George Zimmerman is a cracker and a white devil.  Only problem is, is that Zimmerman is HALF white, HALF hispanic.  Kind of like how Barack Obama is HALF white, and HALF black.  Zimmerman is just as much white as Sharpton and Jackson’s beloved “black” president.  The whole thing about race and this situation is that RACE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!   Yet, they have organized marches for racial equality, and hoodie awareness(because Trayvon was wearing a black hoodie pulled over his head, making himself seem suspicious to someone who didn’t know him personally), and marches all over the country in the name of “Justice for Trayvon.”  Sharpton and Jackson are race baiting to drive a wedge between the people of this country, in a year where an incumbent “black” president who is shredding the constitution is up against some rich white guy(supposedly, we’ll see, Ron Paul could still win it with Santorum dropping out, the evangelicals will NOT vote Romney).  They are expertly wielding influence over the very ignorant masses in the United States, it is a sad thing to watch unfold.

But no one knows what really happened.  There were neighbors who witnessed the event in question unfold and saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman, slamming his head into the ground.  The news conveniently leaves those tidbits of information out of the discussion, because it doesn’t fit their narrative of Zimmerman being a cold-blooded-child-killer.   The trial that will ensue over the next few months will be a spectacle.

Since all of this started happening, now the Department of Justice has stepped into the fray, which is a BAD IDEA, not only is it not their jurisdiction to be meddling in a state run investigation, Attorney General Eric “OKC” Holder has PRAISED Al Sharpton for his good work.  Obviously Eric Holder likes the idea of dividing the people so that they can do some gun grabbing and pass some liberty smashing laws.  Hey Holder, I guess it beats staging a false flag terrorist attack, doesn’t it?  Let’s just take a random case of a concerned neighborhood watch confrontation gone wrong and turn it into a “Whites want to kill blacks” situation so that no one is looking at the real criminals, the people who have weaseled their way in to power.  If anyone should be in prison, it should be Eric Holder.

Those who are awake to this information and see the deception in the media and in society, it is our job to wake up the rest of the people, the clock is always ticking, every day the evil forces of the oligarchy take another step towards total control, the fact that I can post this shows they don’t have it quite yet.  Yes, we are surrounded by proles constantly, but the proles can be reached, they can be stirred by information and truth.  Because once you wake up to the cold hard facts of the deception, you don’t lose sight of them and are much tougher to manipulate.

Anyway, if you read this and disagree, I don’t care, you are just being manipulated by the machine and will never realize this sad truth.  The even sadder truth is that I am falling for it just as hard for even bringing it up to begin with.

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2 thoughts on “George Zimmerman is the new Casey Anthony

  1. Hilde says:

    Interesting Post.
    The only Similarity I can see between the Casey Anthony Case and the George Zimmerman Case is, Both were made to be High Profile Cases partially because of the excessive Media Coverage, there for me the Similarity ends.
    No One had to brainwash me in realizing who was the One responsible for Caylee’s Death, the known Evidence pointed clearly to her Mother Casey Anthony, there is no Doubt in my Mind then and now, she got away with killing her Child. She was found not guilty but that doesn’t equal Innocent, that being said, let’s move on to the Zimmerman Case.
    We are not privileged to know what Evidence the State as at this time to make any Comments about what has played out that Night Trayvon Martin got shot.
    Speaking for myself I like to know more about this Case through actual Evidence and not just Hear Say and Rumors before I am able to comment or form a Opinion.
    I will take whatever those Media Talking Head discuss about this Case with a Grain of Salt.
    What does bother me at this time about this Case is, the Pictures they are showing of Trayvon Martin over and over, those are Pictures when he was much younger and not what he looked like when the Shooting actually happened, therefore it is misleading to the Public and adds Fuel to the already outraged Public to what happened.
    All I can hope for that this Case won’t end up being a Circus like the Anthony Case ended up to be and that this time Justice will be served for the Victim and the Accused. JMO

    • jakenichols says:

      Well, to be honest the only “evidence” you know of in the Casey Anthony case is what they put on TV. You were not a juror, there is a lot that we don’t know about that case, they came up with their verdict based on the evidence shown to them, you say that she is guilty based on what you saw on TV and in the media, which is a controlled output, you see what they want you to see. That is my point here. The Casey Anthony trial was a mass diversion for the news to focus on while there was a brutal war happening in Libya. The Zimmerman case is going to be a huge distraction from some other event we don’t know about yet. This is all planned out. They will use this case to sway popular opinion in several ways. One being they will start to rally the blacks behind Obama even more than they are already, Obama has already said that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon. Another way they will sway public opinion is by making it seem like the gun was the reason it happened and they will start the motions to ban certain types of guns with the backing of “the people.” Thirdly they will use it as a catalyst to start racial
      tensions. It is a divide and conquer strategy, if the people are distracted with each other, they will be less likely to band together to throw out the illegitamate governing class.

      That is my prediction.

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