The Portrayal of Men On Television (Reverse Sexism?)

Why is it that every time you see a commercial on television, the man is a dumb, simple minded buffoon and the woman is the super genius know-it-all?   Is it this way in real life?  I don’t consider myself a buffoon; nor do I consider any women in my life super geniuses.

Lets break down how the psychology in advertising works in simple terms:

When you see a middle aged woman promoting a product, that product is being pushed at middle aged women.  When you see a kid playing with a toy on a commercial, that advertisement is obviously targeted at kids.  You don’t see an elderly woman pushing testosterone pills, you see a middle aged, graying man who shows a tiny hint of a mid-life crisis(usually by driving a nice car or waving at women or whatever).

Also, there are complicated ads like toddler toy ads that show a toddler playing with a toy but it always shows a parent smiling and watching.  This is obviously an ad not directed at toddlers but directed at the parent who will obviously go buy the toy in hopes of achieving that smile that they saw the parent on TV display.   Another example being an ad for a nursing home where they show old people having a good time, but that is usually directed towards the middle aged people as well because it always shows the old people in some cutesy environment playing cards and smiling, so those middle-agers think “Oh wow, mom and dad will be so happy in that place(or ARE happy there).”   When in reality they are probably surrounded by screaming dementia sufferers and a bunch of wandering, muttering drugged up zombies.  They also probably BECOME one of those people with all of the prescriptions that are given to the elderly these days, can’t be good on the brain.  Also some boner pill commercials show an old man walking with a spring in his step and it always ends with his wife giving a big smile or saying something like, “I like it too”  or “This is a good change”.  To me that is a commercial aimed at old women, only because a man doesn’t want to admit he has a boner issue.  Its like the toddler toy commercial, the smile is the desired effect.

Twenty-somethings males however are almost always portrayed as goons: Junk food eating, beer guzzling, sexist, fat idiots.  I suppose those ads are targeting an audience, but this is every single ad.  I watched several channels over the course of a week, it was difficult to find a man portrayed as smart, unless it was a prescription drug commercial.  Is this a symptom of society’s intelligence decline caused by an over emphasis on being “manly” by watching sports and drinking beer?  Or is this a case of monkey see, monkey do?  Men see men acting dumb: getting drunk, and getting hyperactive while watching sports on TV, so they do it because that is the perceived socially acceptable norm.

Television programming usually follows the same path as this.  Programming is just that, programming.  They are programming culture, norms.

Every time I see this on television I cringe and/or die a little bit inside.  Most of the men I come in contact with are sports minded, know nothing of current events, politics, history, the arts, sociology or even just critical thinking.  Is this how it has always been?  I can’t imagine so.  Televised professional sports is a recent phenomenon when viewed in contrast to total history and that is when sports really took off was when it was televised.   So can we credit the decline of American intelligence on televised sports?  I suppose it doesn’t help.

If every man on television was an upstanding successful citizen who read books, studied history, invented new ideas AND was physically fit AND always got the hottest women, logically we can conclude that more men would be like that and that hotter women would be attracted to them.  Instead we see borderline chimps hooting and hollering or making dumb moronic decisions, but they ALWAYS have a sexy, big tittied woman hanging around rolling her eyes at them like “what an idiot”, but still obviously his significant other, who has all the answers.

closet genius

How does this affect women?  It has to affect them in some way.  They have to be watching television and see the only smart men portrayed are doctors and the rest of the men portrayed are complete sex driven, selfish, sports minded morons.   When they go out into the “real world”, not the TV world, do they then assume that men all act like that?  We are either genius doctors or goons.  In essence I think it does in fact end up that way.

Think about all of the sitcoms there are and how men are portrayed.   The show “Home Improvement” with Tim Allen, sure he knew about engines and tools and loved football but he was in essence an idiot and his wife was always the genius who figured out the problems.   King of Queens is another good example, the main guy is always the one with the problem, his wife always solves it.   A sitcom like Drew Carey featured a smart main character but he was not sexy, was a huge nerd, and only got some good looking women because he was the main writer of the show I would assume. His male friends, however, were  portrayed as morons, and the woman friend was always smart and solved problems.

Is this reverse sexism gone wild?

I think it is more of a blatant dumbing-down of men.

Think about what they are doing to the women.  The shows that they are the main characters in(sex in the city, friends, kardashians, girls next door, etc.) they are almost always huge sluts.   The over-sexualisation of women.

keep on truckin

Everyone is getting brain-washed, TURN OFF YOUR TV!!!!!!!!

I could go into how doctors are portrayed as smart on TV so that people trust them and will believe and do whatever they say.  A perfect way to implement soft kill drugs and eugenics operations.  Prozac anyone?  Maybe another time.

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