I have a feeling, a funny feeling, that they gave Ellen Degeneres  a daytime talk show to make lonely housewives question their sexuality.

She looks like a dude, just a really “sexy” dude.  She could be there I suppose to make EVERYONE question their sexuality.  You know, a woman might think “Hey, that Ellen is kind of sexy because she kind of looks like a hot guy, maybe other women are sexy as well.”  A man may think “Hey that Ellen looks kind of like a dude but also I kind of want to do her.”  She defines androgynous.  Even her logo has a phallic taste to it.   Notice the e’s are the testes, the two L’s are the shaft:

Why else would they not capitalize her name in the logo?

I am calling out the obvious brain washing here, that is all.   Honestly I don’t watch her show, I am just noticing the obvious tricks on a surface level.    This is not meant to be an offensive attack on Ellen in any way.  She may not realize what she is a part of… well actually, she probably is well aware of what is happening.

If you look into the plans of the elite, breaking up the family and promoting promiscuity is a good way to divide and conquer society.  It is a good way to distract and sexually confuse anyone, especially someone not awake to the deception and manipulation in the mainstream television media.

A lot of people may get offended by this observation, but seriously, LOOK.  It is just a matter of opening your eyes to the advertising of thoughts and ideas.  That is what they are doing, advertising ideas.  Don’t buy into it, turn off the TV.

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